Hurricane Tracker Recenzje App

Good app

Wow good

Very good app

This hurricane tracker app is very good. It includes several models and seems to be very accurate. I get updates on tropical systems quicker than my local TV app. I’ve had since the start of the hurricane season and I have no complaints with it.

The cleaner choice

It feels like an app built with a UIWebView, which slows it down but it works well. Push notifications make it really nifty and worth the purchase.

Easy and Friendly app

This app is very useful for me as I’m not a meteorologist, but likes to follow the tropics with an easy, accurate and friendly tool. I recommend it.



0 Stars

I downloaded this app to watch Florence because I had friends on the east coast. Today I got charged $3.99 for the app. No notice and it didn’t show up on my Apple ID subscriptions. I would have canceled it prior to them charging me if I had known. I have asked for them to cancel my subscription and refund my money.... let’s see if they do!

My “go to”

We live on the east coast of Florida. I love that this app has all the models and I can keep track of every potential storm during hurricane season. I also follow them on FB and set their site to priority so they’re the first ones I see. Great job!

Loaded with information. Great layout and graphics.

Get it!

Comprehensive and accessible!

This app often operates during a pending storm as other sources get bogged down.


It has anything for Hurricane info that I need to know😀

Promote back end and fire front end devs

The app works well, provides the necessary information, and get the job done. But the UI is horrible. Hard to believe nobody has developed an app capable of displaying the same information in a way that doesn’t look like a 2002 MySpace or geocities app. 4 stars because the app works well and provides good info. -1 for the horrible ui.

me encanta!

Me mantiene informado , y es muy exacto!. Le entiendo muy bien.

Don’t bother

I paid for this app and it proved worthless and no better information than going to the government free sites. Was hoping for more information at the local and impact level.

Followed this app for years!

Great app especially living in NC!


Great information quality. Just find this app has trouble downloading. Very slow unless I have perfect windows and I often run out of patience and turn to other options.

Difficult to follow

I got this app hoping it would should show me the information that I was getting on Fox News or such. Just simple facts I could refer to- the system, category, wind speed, movement and projected track. It is all here in the app but you have to search for it and keep searching Good app I am sure- just not what I need.

Ok, but lacking

Does not show history of the season or past seasons. Can’t even see the list of the storm names for the season. If it’s there I can’t find it. Needs improvement.

Love this app!

This app brings everything a weather nut wants when looking at tropical weather. Radar, satellite, model data, and of course NHC data. Works great and is my go to for tropical weather.

Cool weather

This is a Great App. I like keeping on top of the latest weather.

Great App

This app is great. This app allows me to view models without visiting a website. It updates very fast and is easy to use. If you have a hurricane problem, I recommend this app.

Not worth the money

App is ok at the best. Very slow and looks outdated. Wish I would’ve spent my money on a different app

The audio is 24 hours behind

Audio is 24 hours behind I can’t find the lasted actual information it’s just radars

It’s all there

5 min. Going over the charts and graphs here is equivalent to 90 min on the weather channel and you don’t get all the hype. I love it.

Very useful app

This app comes in very handy

Keeping informed with the latest!!

Thank you for providing the latest weather info and all your hard word. Blessings

Love the app

Great app really gives you an in depth look at hurricanes

Good overall - a lot of data

The app has a lot of good data however I think it could use some improvements. Here are some suggestions from a life long Florida resident. Add the category of the storm to the hurricane icon. For example: where you list the storms, show the number. This is my biggest issue with the app. Especially as storms approach land, they can upgrade or downgrade at a moments notice. I want to be able to check in the wee hours of the night and right away see what category the storm is. It’s really hard to find that info in this app. You have to either read a big document and try and weed through all the meteorology jargon to find it. Add a tracking graph that the user can move a stark back in time or forward in time based on the most projected path. Kittycode’s hurricane tracker app had this and I loved it. It even changed the category label as the storm was expected to downgrade as it moved over land. Download kittycode hurricane tracker and look at some historical storms. You’ll be able to see how this feature works. Unfortunately the kittycode app retired after last season and I found this app instead. Overall, it’s still a very good app and has a ton of info. The spaghetti models section is actually better than the other app, but some user experience misses make it less than 5 stars for me.

It’s ok

Hard to navigate, delayed updates compared to competing apps. However, it’s nice have access to the different models/maps.

Powerful App .. too much for the casual tracker

Really, too much for the casual tracker. I would give it three stars, but it wouldn’t be fair. Just check it out first. It may be more than you need.

Pretty good app

Need more info on what category the hurricane/typhoon is, as well as message traffic on landfall times.


Great App

My main source

I live on the Gulf coast of east Texas. I have used this app for many years. It has always been the most reliable predictions I can find and gets better each year. The news media give snap shots the app gives the whole picture.

Best hurricane info

I’m here in Wilmington, NC with Florence and needing info. Hurricane tracker is great giving me more than just a radar look at the storm. The models were great for planning prior to arrival, but now that outer bands are just on the edge of coming in, that’s when I need the infrared loop, where the bands are, etc. Great so far, able to plan how much time I got to take any last minute issues.

Nee Nee boo moo

Great app

I use it during the hurricane season l

This app allows you to see what's forming and the probability of becoming a hurricane. Also gives computer models showing strike probabilities. Love this app!

Hurricane Tracker

The best app ever for tracking and getting latest info on invests, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.—family in Florida and friends who have families on the Eastern Seaboard. Studying the models, graphics, and wind probabilities gives me valuable insight to all things related to possible formation. Thank you for this wonderful, informative app.


As a Port Canaveral FL Harbor Pilot I utilize this app frequently as do most all other Florida State Harbor Pilots to get the most accurate and updated information on Atlantic Hurricanes it has proven to be a most useful tool for our profession

Does this ever update ?

Checked at 3:30 am. Last update was 2am. Useless...

No Surge Graphics

Hurricanes pose a threat in 3 ways: wind, flooding and surge. This app covers wind and rain predictions but you have to look elsewhere for surge information. Provide that and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

Not good

This is awful! Any weather app for free will give you better information then paying $4 for this. How can I get my money back?

Just does everything you need it to do

What are you waiting for?

Great app

I love this app.

Ditch Weather Channel except for the occasional chuckle

This is my only go to for hurricane news, no sensationalism, just the facts. Love it.

Good App

Great for tracking hurricanes. I’d give 5 stars if the forecast path included projected wind speeds at each point instead of just H or M for class of hurricane.

My Go To Hurricane Season App

I love this app and have been relying on it for the last two seasons. I go back and forth between Chicago and Cozumel on a monthly basis, have family in Savannah and am moving this January to Miami, so hurricane season is always on my mind! I am so grateful for the up to date information and in depth graphics this app provides in an easy to use format. I weathered Franklin down here in Cozumel last year and am getting ready for Issac if he decides to come this way. Hurricane Tracker has been and continues to be a big help in my preparations. I have gotten my entire Savannah and Tybee Island family into using the app. Thanks y’all for your great work! 💙

Waste of $3.99

Save your money! The same info is available, with similar access at no cost.

Best hurricane graphics, data

This app provides access to both basic and comprehensive hurricane-related graphics, data, and forecasts. This is done through a very efficient and intuitive interface. This is by far the best hurricane app, in my opinion. Thus I have deleted my other hurricane apps since they didn't provide any additional information or features.


Short on detail


I’ve been through east coastal hurricanes since 1954 and have to say, other than being right in the middle of one, this is the most useful and organized HURRICANE APP around!!!

My “Go To” App during Hurricane Season

Let’s me know well in advance of any potential serious storms. Really valuable: puts the latest data at my fingertips.

Missing some feature

I liked my old hurricane APP better. Especially the graphics showing future position with time and intensity.

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