Hurricane Tracker App Reviews

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The most comprehensive and informative hurricane tracker ever. Every person should have this app.

Great App

My go to source for all information on approaching storms and hurricanes. Best on the market that I have seen!

Hurricane Tracker

Terrific! Data rich! Maps are excellent! Get this app and stay safe..

Works great

Works wonderfully and shows all pertinent information

Great App

Great app followed it through hurricane Mathew and wasnt disappointed. Highly recommended. Very accurate, or as accurate as PREDICTING the weather can be.

Rely on

Always keep this app just for the season. No troubles, lots of info thats easy to retrieve.

A must have if you live in hurricane area!

Ive had this app for almost 2 years and wouldnt trust anything else. Living in Florida its paramount to keep up with the storms. Having relatives in other hurricane areas, I follow the storms even if they are not here. This app gives all the information and graphics I could hope for to stay safe and keep others safe and informed. Great app. Thank you.


Having just gone they Hurricane Matthew I found this app to be useless. I purchased it for the sole purpose of staying informed with up to date details. No matter what I pressed it was just a waste of my $3.99. It may only be a small amount, but Id gladly take it back. UNLESS major improvements are made!


The information is great however this app is far from user friendly. There are some screens I cannot get to, but I know they are there because I see them on Instagram. They need rethink the navigation process!

Confusing & Cluttered

Not user friendly! There is a lot of information but you cant easily navigate. Streamline the information so its easier for the user...less clicks and better interface will make this a much easier application. I couldnt even use this app during a hurricane because it was too complicated to get updates.

Not for the novice.

I struggled with the lack of real time updates. It may be just that I didnt know how to use the features. Hurricane is passed us for now. Wasnt worth the $2.99 for me.

Great App

Very nice app. Own a home in FL and use this during hurricane season to keep track of storms.

Failed at a critical time

I purchased this app specifically to stay updated on the progress of Hurricane Matthew (I live in central Florida.) The app functioned well until sometime around 11:00 pm on the night landfall was expected, then failed. By "failed" I mean it quit providing NHC advisories or graphics. Let me be clear: I never lost power, and my wifi remained functioning throughout the night, but this app quit providing critical information at the most critical time. If you are considering the purchase of this app to keep you informed during a hurricane emergency, look elsewhere. I could not be more dissatisfied with this app. If I could have given it zero stars I would have done so. EZ Apps, Inc. has done a great disservice to any who, like me, relied on this app to provide what could have been life-saving information in the midst of a massive category 4 hurricane.

Best hurricane app, very thorough

This app has it all - expected storm tracks, maps and helpful commentary. Its audio and video feeds are great and bring the info to life in an easy to understand format.

Nothing loads

Nothing loads on this app. I can get more information on other free basic weather apps. Very disappointed. If its because of high traffic thats a lame excuse. No one is going to use the app if there isnt a hurricane and everyone is going to use it when there is. If the app was $.99 I might not complain but $3.99 for something that doesnt give me any information...come on man!

This app is completely worthless.

It does not give you enough information about anything.

Rip Off

This app is terrible. Its done by amateur developers. Old videos, just jpg photos, very confusing, bad and unprofessional. Do not purchase this app. Its a rip off.

Invaluable for the peace of mind

Used to track Hurricane Matthew while in Haiti. Informative and timely. Worth every penny.


Ive used this App all season, and found it accurate and timely. We live in Coastal SC, and have relied on Hurricane Tracker for up to date information regarding our safety at home and on the water.


I added this app just when I heard about Hurricane Mathew I remember how informative it was. Now its a piece of junk. The video update on Mathew is from Monday morning its now Wednesday. I can go to NOAA for this. What a waste. Dont bother lick your finger and go outside youll know more about the weather than using this app.

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