Hurricane Tracker App Reviews

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very useful

Great app. Very informative and helpful. Was a perfect source of information for us during the advance of hurrican Irene, with the excellent audio updates.

Not bad

Liked the old version better...if it aint broke dont fix it

Hurricane Tracker

This is a great app. Its nice being able to get updated and accurate information on storms. The weather channels in Canada dont really keep you informed unless it is affecting the USA or Canada. Its nice being able to keep track of my family in the British Virgin Islands.

I Tried It & I Liked it.

Easy & informative; the push & audio features are especially useful.


Great keeps up to date on our fl home

love it! great aps!

really good & you get everything you need all at once!

Great app

Valuable application not the best looking app, but timely and valuable storm onfo


Excellent app. Does what it says and more. Fantastic.

Great app!

Very impressed with the audio updates and have learned so much about storms!

Good app

Very useful.

Great App

Its a great app, especially the updates u get when there is a new storm a brewing!!!

Excellent app for Hurricane watchers

This is a re review of the app since I have had it a year now ... I now give it 5 stars as it is by far the best hurricane tracking app out there. If this interests you then this is the app to get.

Perfect tracker

With updates the send to you as a message to the satellite photos this app is everything you want and need to track hurricanes. HERE WE ARE! ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!

Great app

Very well put together!

Hurricane tracker

Great very good

Good app

Worth the money!

Why not Track it

People love to talk about the weather why not have the best and latest at your finger tips

This app is garbage

This app is garbage. There are no back controls and info is the same from another source. Dont waste your money!


Big help on our vacation to Sint Maarten this week! We were able to watch Maria pass by

App works great but updates sometimes lag from NHC

Love the app but I just wish it updated in sync with the National Hurricane Centre. Other than that I love the app and all the maps and satellite imagery.

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